Ebrahim Al Haddar
Co-Founder / Chairman

Nahtam Social Responsibility (NSR) is headed by Ebrahim Al Haddar, an Emirati with a dynamic personality filled with a philanthropic heart and vision. Educated in engineering in the UK, Ebrahim Al Haddar has extensive experience and has held various executive positions in national and multinational companies in the Middle East. He was honoured to work for the Private Office H.H Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi in the past. Being a sports lover, Mr Ebrahim organised and represented the UAE locally and internationally for Endurance Horse Rides, Formula One Power Boat Race and offshore power boat races for which he was awarded the Zero Accident Award. He had the privilege of serving as ‘GRAND JURY’ for the Endurance Horse Ride and as a Steward in the ‘FLAT RACING’ as well as in the DUBAI WORLD CUP (The first trainee uae national to hold this position)

George V. Itty
Co - Founder / C.E.O

George V Itty is the dynamo that sets the wheels of Nahtam in perpetual motion. As a graduate from reputed institute of creative art in India, he has admirably harmonized creativity with social responsibility that has made many milestones possible for Nahtam.  George’s tryst with social responsibility started in the mid ‘80s when he launched an anti-drug campaign in India. It was multidimensional in that while it fought the drug menace it advocated “not to discard drug addicts as social waste but treat them as sick persons and rehabilitate.” Taking up his advertising career in Abu Dhabi in 1994he was the brainchild of various environment-focused campaigns, notable among them the Save Water Campaign which had a significant regional touch and the first Picture Postcard campaign in Abu Dhabi exclusively dedicated to Sir Bani Yas and the environment. In 2006 he joined Special Care Centre and supported its charitable activities through fundraising campaigns. The “DONATE A BRICK” campaign that he conceived in 2007 was the most successful fund raising initiative to build a school for special needs children in Abu Dhabi. With the idea of utilizing his experience in advertising, marketing and social work, and his core competencies in people skills more effectively in the sphere of humanitarian and environmental activities, he was instrumental in setting up Nahtam in 2008. As Co-founder and CEO, George continues to be the driving force of this significant social initiative.  

Isabelle Le Bon - Poonoosamy
Co - Founder / Vice President

Passionate and dedicated to Special Care Centre (SCC) as a full time volunteer since she arrived in Abu Dhabi with her family in October 2005, Isabelle strongly believes that special needs children are little stars on earth and that they deserve the best. Isabelle founded Good Heart in January 2006 to save Special Care Centre from closure. SCC has been financially stable since 2008 and has gained visibility. SCC has also received funds and a large piece of land on which its state of the art centre will be built. Driven by the mission of supporting other deserving NGO’s just like SCC, Isabelle co-founded Nahtam Social Responsibility in mid-2008. Isabelle holds an MBA as well as a M. Phil in Economics from the prestigious Dauphine University in Paris (France). Isabelle also has15 years experience in managerial and marketing positions in Paris (France) and in Mauritius, her home island. In February 2010, Isabelle received from H.H the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Abu Dhabi Award, for her selfless commitment to the less fortunate and for her work to building a greater sense of community and social welfare within Abu Dhabi. Isabelle also received the Abu Dhabi Medal, highest civilian honour of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Maha Al Fahim
Head of Youth Wing

Maha is a recent graduate from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and International Comparative Studies. She has a passion for effective governance, recruitment, policy development and strategic direction. Volunteerism is equally important for Maha, following in the words of George Bernard Shaw, " I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. Life is no 'brief candle' to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for a moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to the future generations." As a result, community service is a high priority in her life. Maha has a unique point of view as she has worked with private and governmental philanthropic foundations both in the UAE and abroad. Whether it is community building in inner city Detroit or sustainable farming in the heart of Ecuador she has quickly come to learn that youth involvement is key regardless of the cause. Maha believes that UAE youth are not an exception when it comes to making a positive contribution to society and she is eager to dispel the idea that young people are all about materialism and recreational pursuits.

Mrs. Fousia Azad
Director- Kerala Operations

Mrs. Fousia Azad, Managing Trustee of Kerala Vikas Kendram, born in a well to do family of Thrissur, has always been desirous of helping others specially those who are in need and has maintained this quality and passion throughout her life. She has been highly known for supporting the weaker sections of the society which earned her many awards and recognitions. Mrs. Azad has achieved the Prestigious “Dr. Ambedkar National Award Winner” and “Best Social Worker Award” for her tremendous contribution for Social, Humanitarian and Egalitarian Services to the Community. She has proved herself to be a successful entrepreneur and a committed social worker.

Julia Borg
(Executive Volunteer)

Eager to help children with special needs and with a career that spans 15 years in marketing and publicity across global companies such as Warner Bros. and BBC Worldwide. British born, Julia adds marketing experience and expertise to the Nahtam team. Julia arrived in Abu Dhabi, from Sydney in January 2009 with her husband and two children and works across all aspects of the business on a part time basis.

Hasnaa Amrani
(Executive Volunteer)

Hasnaa studied biology at Fes university in Morocco and then went on to work for 7 years with Royal Air Moroc before arriving in the UAE in 1997 where she was honored to work as a flight attendant with Presidential Flight in Abu Dhabi, formally Amiri Flight. Motivated by a humanitarian calling, Hasnaa helped the orphaned and disabled children at Al Mafraq hospital before joining the Nahtam team as a volunteer in January 2010. Hasnaa is bilingual in French, Arabic and English languages.

Aparna Suresh
(Executive Volunteer)

Aparna Suresh holds a Masters Degree in Psychology with over 15 years of experience in Administration and Human Resource functions. She moved to Abu Dhabi in 1997 with her husband and two children and enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures. Aparna firmly believes in giving back to the society and has devoted her time to various socio-voluntary organizations. She also enjoys working with children, motivating them to achieve their best.

Dr. Shaju Jamaluddin
(Hon. Strategic Adviser)

Dr. Shaju Jamaluddin, with MBA & Ph.D is having wide spectrum of expertise in areas like academic, administration, business, strategic planning & leadership. His international exposure includes working with various national and international entities in India, Bahrain, Oman, and United Arab Emirates. He is an expert in integrated and zero-waste farming.
He is a master trainer and author of ‘Road to Success’ workshop series, aiming at nurturing ‘Future Leaders’ and ‘Empowering the Youth’.
His area of research is ‘Strategic Leadership’, a combination of Strategic Management and Leadership Dimensions.
Areas of interest of Dr. Shaju include concepts of green energy, integrated systems, inclusive social development, women empowerment, and educational leadership.

Abdul Muqeet
(Student's Ambassador)

Abdul Muqeet also known as the " Paper Bag Boy " has risen from being just another ordinary student to an active environmentalist from 4 years.Attended more than 120workshops internationally invited by United Nations Environmental Proggrame in Indonesia. His efforts of making paper bags and distributing them in the community , to encourage recycling of paper and ban of plastic , haven't gone unnoticed . Honoured with various prestigious awards and certificates , Abdul Muqeet till date makes bags out of old newspapers and spreads awareness about the harmful effects of use of plastic bags and plastic in all.The bags are also known as 'Mukku Bags' as his schoolmates call them.He has been a part of international events like Cop 18, World Future Energy Summit 2011, World Future Energy Summit 2012, World Future Council, WWF, Climate Change Summit, Kids Are Heroes , 350 Org, His effort to save environment is recognized in many countries, USA, Australia, India, Indonesia, Qatar, Caribbean Islands (Trinidad and Tobaggo), All over Middle East.

Candace Sara Ciju
(Student’s Leader
Bank Al Miyah)

She’s Grade 5 in St. Josephs School, Abu Dhabi. Successfully instigated an Eco Friendly Campaign in the School and in the Community and still working on it to reach it to the rest of the world.Active Participation in the Recycling of Paper and Mobile Phones in association with various Environmental Organizations, Conducted Sale of Used Goods for the benefit of Nature & Society, Participated in International Water Summit held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition center during January 2015 representing NAHTAM in Save Water And Electricity Campaign, interacting with international delegates.

Accolades Won
The Shaikh Hamdan Award in Grade 2, The Sharjah Award in Grade 4, Budding Star in the International Level of Spelling Bee Competitions 2013, conducted at Bangalore, India ( First in GCC, 37th Rank in the World & First in the Middle East in the Science Competition conducted by World Education Games ( Over 2 Million children Participated Globally), Abacus National Championship for 6 years in a row, GCC winner of TMG Middle East Coloring Competition, IDEA Talent Awards in 2012 and 2014,100 plus Trophies & Certificates from various other Competitions & Contests.

Gulmehek Khan
(Children's Leader)

Gulmehek Khan is a 12-year old Grade 7 student who has a very vibrant and diverse personality. An avid enthusiast for all kinds of outdoor sports activities, she is equally good in academics.

At a very young age of 5 years she started playing tennis and in a short span of three years she made her place in top 5 players in Canada’s Ontario Tennis Association’s yearly ranking for Under-9 age group.

A very vocal young girl, Gulmehek is a keen observer and finds beauty in the small things in life. She has penned down quite a few poems that describe her experiences in different countries, their natural surroundings and their cultures. Last year in 2015 she became the world’s youngest published poetess when her first collection of 30 poems was published by a leading publishing house in Dubai. Never afraid of voicing her opinion, she has tackled the burning issues of bullying in school in a couple of her poems.

Gulmehek draws her inspiration from her mother who has given her the true mantra of life: Patience, Honesty and Hard work. She has taught her to accept her mistakes and never to be afraid of the shortcomings, to find solutions wherever stuck instead of worrying over them. She is also inspired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai who through is vision and hard work has transformed a desert into one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

A very soft spoken girl, Gulmehek enjoys ice skating, horseback riding and golf. She displays an ardent love for animals and spends a lot of her free time reading and collecting information about them.


We believe ideas come from everyone, everywhere. At Nahtam, everyone within our agency walls is a thinker and in their own right. And there are a few principles we believe—and we believe everyone should believe—about . These truths drive us, motivate us, and ultimately help us redefine the power of Social Responsibility.